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Farming Simulator 2013 - Tractors On 05 Jul 2013 20:53:00
Additional vintage package v 0.95
Additional vintage package v  0.95 image

I present:

The Additional vintage package

But what it is like?
The Additional vintage package has the purpose of a few "holes" in the "vintage stock" to fill.
It is easy to add a few things that do not exist like that, but simply one or the other new.
The goal was to make more Smallholder vehicles, eg I've always been missing:
Combine a really small, like from the 50s.

What's in the pack?:
"No Name" Tractor
This is an old classic car, geschtzes Year: 1930. It is based on the HSCS MEZ tractors, a reclining cylinder diesel engine.

Flywheel is animated speed depending
Cooling fan speed depending animated
Transmission pulley is animated speed depending
Cooling fan pulley is animated speed depending
Crank is faded out
Real Exhaust scripts

NTF 50
The NTF is a Fictional 50 tractor, modeled on the MAN tractor-50s he does with all-wheel drive and rear hydraulics a lot.

Engine vibrates while it is running, vibrates faster when the gas.
Cooler fan is animated, and rotates speed depending
Gimbal-wheel drive is animated, turns
Lower links of the steering is animated
Hydraulic cylinder for steering is animated (power steering)
Lighting V 3.1
-Idle script
Real Exhaust scripts

Allgaier & A 22 R 18
Here are the first real tractors. Allgaier & A 22 R 18 have a single cylinder diesel engine with evaporative cooling. They differ mainly by
that the A 22 has a hood and a little more power.

-Both the flywheel speed is dependent animated
Lighting V 3.1 in both
The A-22 can the door in the hood open to screw the "glow stalk" to run into the cylinder
Steering is fully animated in both
Real Exhaust scripts

Massey Ferguson 830 + cutting
Here is one of my favorites. What I miss in a long time LS is a REALLY small self-drive, and since the MF was 830 really fits ^ ^

Lighting V 3.1
Cutting unit starts slowly
Real Exhaust scripts

Old wagon
What I also looked for a long time was an age handcart to transport hay and straw. I built this to me then, wheels and front axle are made from slurry tankers
the free DLC.

-Works like a Wagon
- "3D Plane"

"Hydraulic Bottle"
This trailer serves three-point devices to attach to tractors which have only a low attacher, he (Optical) driven by a PTO, PTO with a joint is not absolutely necessary.

Equipment attachments from three-point

Special Features and Notes:
Note the animated engine of the NTF vibirert which Drehzahabhngig.
In addition, the complete animation of the pulleys of the No Name tractor.
I thank Ansomale for the release of material of the Allgaier.

So have fun, mfg Harvey.

Credits: KoolFox

This is a Farming Simulator 2013 ( ls 13 ) Mod, in category Tractors

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